An information management system designed for Alternative Provisions and Independent Schools

LearnTrek has been designed to help small educational settings to manage their information in a way that corresponds to the innovative practices found in non-mainstream education provision.

While most large scale MIS software records the basics for a large number or students, LearnTrek offers a wide variety of features designed specifically to help safeguard and show progress for cohorts of learners for whom success can be a little less linear.

If you want a system that is as individual as your children and young people and as and flexible as your provision, ask us what LearnTrek can offer you today.



Standard LearnTrek Features

All our features come as standard so there are no hidden extra costs – but how many you wish to switch on or customise is up to you!


Our DSL dashboard supports you to ensure that children and young people are safe in your setting. Staff use the system to report on concerns and action them in a range of ways.

Our built in safeguarding system is designed to manage a much higher rate of complex concerns that in mainstream settings.

Designed specifically for the Alternative Provision sector, LearnTrek safeguarding means you won’t need to source any additional software or systems to keep your students safe.



Map your entire curriculum with LearnTrek’s customisable progress tracking feature.

Whether you deliver academic subjects or a range of short courses, interventions or pastoral work – we can help you map and track how your students are progressing in real time.

We offer full progress reporting so that you can show students, parents, comissioners and inspectors the impact that you are having on the lives of children and young people.


Our training is included in your pricing plan and usually comes at no extra cost.

That means when you need help – we’ll be there. We offer remote training options with our expert trainers as part of setup as well as an agreed number of times annually.

We provide extensive training videos to help your team understand how to use the software, and will train and support a LearnTrek champion to help support others in your setting.

All this is part of your monthly subscription fee and not an additional cost.

“At Invent Learning we had been looking for a system that we could use to keep all of or data in one place and make it easier for staff to access certain information. We were blown away by the flexibility but also how bespoke the system would be. Alex and the team at LearnTrek are always on hand to make sure we feel supported, we have regular emails and calls which is great.

As a smaller business we pride ourself on making sure our clients feel part of our family and Alex and the team are no different. With the bespoke system we have in place we are in a much better place, we have also had local schools and Ofsted visit us and be impressed with how it all works.”

Nick Brett, Director at Invent Learning

“We have been using the LearnTrek portal for a few years now. It has completely transformed the way we work.

The flexibility of the software means we can change and add things that other software doesn’t always allow for you to do.

The system has been an essential tool in helping us track and showcase the steps of progress our students have made. We meet regularly with the developers which has been really helpful and we have a collaborative approach when discussing our needs and tweaks that could be made to the system.”

Lucy McMann, Director at SENse Learning

“We are new to LearnTrek but it has been amazing so far!

Great setup process with lots of support to get our curriculum area up and running. Alex has been spot on and worked with our team to make sure everything is just right.

The safeguarding feature works really well and helps us keep vulnerable students safe, and the curriculum tracking feature also helps us see exactly how much progress is being made.”

Taner Fikret, Director at Bee-Leaf Project

“We have been using the LearnTrek portal since 2017. The portal gives us all the features of a large scale MIS but without the price tag.

Staff productivity has increased hugely since we started using it, and the training and support has been excellent.

In particular the reminders that the system send to staff about inputting required data has helped keep us compliant for Ofsted and Local Authority inspections.”

Mike King, CEO at Releasing Potential

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