Primary Features

Our features all come as standard – but there are plenty of customisation options so that you can choose the options that work for you.

Bespoke to Organisation Features

All settings can choose which features they wish to use but all are included in the pricing plan.

User Friendly Interface

Our colourful interface helps users interact with the system easily, creating time and effort efficiencies so you can focus on what really matters.

Strong Security

Our systems are cloud-based and encrypted to keep your data secure. 


Training included as standard

We offer online training in a range of ways, including video support and setting-specific training.

Demo Videos

Our demos will give you a flavour of how the system looks and feels but please ask for a full online demo and we’ll be happy to show you more!

Add/ edit student
This demo shows the add/edit student function.

Users can:

  • register new students and capture demographic data
  • change and prioritise student address and guardian details
  • add student transport details
  • add professional contacts (social worker, YOT worker, CAMHS worker etc)
  • select from a wide range of reasons for referral/ diagnoses
  • add student alerts so that vital information is foregrounded.
Add timetable
This demo shows the timetable function.

A drag and drop timetable drives student outcome data at the staff/subject/curriculum level.

Users can:

  • add/change a timetable every half term or as required
  • search through previous timetables
  • track outcomes against specific subjects or teachers.
Track behaviour and attendance
This demo shows how users can collect information on students’ behaviour and attendance.

Users can:

  • track students’ behaviour by the lesson, the day, the week, the half term, the term and the year in a range of formats (compatible with a wide range of pnumonic systems)
  • collect attendance and engagement data
  • analyse data displayed on a student progress graph
  • track progress over an academic year.
Target Setting & Self-Awareness

This demo shows how to set student targets and record self-awareness.

Users can:

  • add, edit and delete student targets each half term or term. 
  • review targets via appear on half-termly, termly and annual reports.
  • record students’ reflections about their own personal-social development (PSD) and track these reflections over an academic year.

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